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XRF Testing Services

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Welcome to the home of XRF Testing Services. Providers of equipment and personnel for on-site, nondestructive, material composition analysis, to meet the marketplace need for regulatory compliance.


With the rising cost of employee wages, benefits, training and retention, the rising cost of fuel and transportation, the rising cost of insurance liability, and a global economy driving consumer prices lower…..companies are focusing more and more on their core competencies and outsourcing goods and services, in order to remain competitive. The complexity and exactness required to meet government standards such as CPSIA, RoHS, WEEE & REACH, add another dimension of management focus and competitive concern.


With changing government regulations and increasing public scrutiny, it is absolutely essential for business to protect themselves and their shareholders and establish a program to minimize product liability. XRF Testing Services, using portable X-ray Fluorescence Technology, provides full service, on-site, non-destructive, analysis and verification, of products and materials, for all types of business, industry and material categories.


Whether the task is alloy verification, consumer goods testing, environmental testing, or collectables testing…… the ability to obtain quantitative composition data in a fast, accurate, nondestructive and real-time manner, is an important component of project objectives. XRF Testing Services assists clients to achieve compliance goals and at the same time, adds value to outsourcing investments.


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