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XRF Testing Services

Definitive, Dependable & Defensible.... Analysis & Verification
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XRF Testing Services provides reliable, accurate, non-destructive, on-site analysis/verification of material content & product composition for CPSIA, RoHS, WEEE & REACH compliance, to manufacturers, importers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, recyclers, hospitals and researchers.


This includes testing of:

    Metal and alloy materials

    Consumer goods (toys, electronics, clothes, furniture, etc.)

    Environmental sites, waste & materials

    Agricultural products

    Manufacturing material

              (incoming, in-process and finished

              goodsMaterial for quality control and


    Elemental & Geochemical samples for mining.


Using a Thermo Scientific Niton X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer®, with a beam focus down to 3 mm and a built in camera, tests on the smallest component or the largest container and everything in between, yield consistent and dependable results.At the conclusion of each test, the client receives a printed Certificate of Verification, that is definitive and defensible, detailing all testing results.


As an added service, XRF Testing Services provides each client an electronic copy of all test results in a csv format, compatible with Excel ®, or in a encrypted, non-modifiable format, compatible to all Thermo Scientific Niton X-ray FluorescenceAnalyzers®.



Company History
Founded in 2008, with the entrepreneurial spirit needed to forge new market demand, XRF Testing Services endeavors to exceed the expectations of clients with professional, time tested, attitudes of service and competency.   Give us a call today at 612-220-8379.



Our staff of degreed engineers and mathematicians, are licensed and certified by the Minnesota Department of Health, have received Radiation Training Certificates and Certificates of Equipment Operation on the Thermo Scientific Niton X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer®.