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The Element LEAD


What is Lead / Lead Poisoning? LEAD is a heavy metal proven to be   toxic to the health and safety of all, especially children under the age of six and pregnant women.


Where is Lead found? Around the house LEAD is found in paint, stains & varnishes on walls, doors, windows, ceramic tile, soffits, siding and soil.


In what form is Lead dangerous?

Lead Dust…created when surfaces coated with Lead Based Paint rub against or impact each other such as raising & lowering a window and opening & closing door


Lead Paint chips….created by flaking and cracked painted surfaces

coated with Lead Based Paint and in

deteriorating condition, both indoors and out


     Paint….on surfaces accessible to the mouths

     of children like window sills, vintage toys,

     glassware, dishes and many children’s products

How does Lead get into the body?

Ingestion….normal hand to mouth actions of young children….

        - handling Lead Dust from floors, table tops and other horizontal


- swallowing sugary tasting Lead Paint chips falling from poor


painted surfaces

- playing on soil contaminated by leaded gasoline, exterior flaking

paintand near-by construction

Inhilation….airborne Lead Dust from friction and impact surfaces inhaled into the lungs and distributedthroughout the body via the bloodstream

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