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Risk Assessment-Evaluates a dwelling for Lead-Based Paint Hazards and provides recommendations for remediating hazards identified, Lead

hazards are defined by HUD and the EPA as: LEAD dust from deteriorated paint, LEAD dust from friction and impact surfaces, LEAD paint on surfaces achild can chew on and Lead contaminated soil.Risk assessment averages 2 - 3 hours per dwelling.


Inspections-A surface-by-surface investigation, using a portable X-ray

fluorescence analyzer to determine the presence of Lead-Based Paint  & Hazards on household surfaces. A full inspection averages

3 - 4 hours per dwelling.


Combination Inspection / Risk Assessment

(Our most requested service)- A melding of

inspection and assessment activities to identify anddocument all locations of lead-based paint and lead hazards. This combination inspection and riskassessment averages 4 to 5 hours per dwelling.


Hazard Screen – A more stringent hazard identification criteria for homes

in good condition. Dust wipe samples are taken to check for LEAD Dust.


Clearance Testing - Conducted upon completion of a remodeling or

renovation project where lead-based paint has been found during an inspection or assessment activity. Clearance is conductedto verify the work areas have been properly cleaned and no lead hazards are present. This involves a visual inspection and dust & soil samples.



All our services include a detailed and comprehensive report that documents the location, condition and concentration of all Lead-Based Paint and Lead Hazards found in the residence.



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