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XRF Testing Services provides reliable, accurate, non-destructive, on-site analysis/verification for the element LEAD in residential and commercial environments for........


Homeowners interested in complete home assessment/inspections for LEADto insure a safe healthy LEAD free environment for their family and friends.


Contractors primarily interested in testing for the element LEAD to satisfy the newly enacted EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) Rule.


Real Estate Agents toprovide a value added service by requesting sellers to include a Lead Assessment as an added selling feature of the home and encourage purchasers to include opt-out contract clauses based on the outcome of Lead testing results.


Professional Service Companies for compliance to HUD financing and

mortgage requirements for Lead free facilities.


We use portable X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers, manufactured by Thermo Scientific Niton® Corporation, the world leader in portable XRF analyzers. This equipment provides accurate, repeatable and reliable results without the nuisance of false positives and false negatives that are prevalent with "over the counter" Lead Test Kits.


XRF Testing Services, Inc.

A Certified Lead Firm

Minnesota Department of Health License # LF 3495

Call us Today................612-220-8379