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Brent S.XRF Testing Services came out and tested over 300 surfaces in our home with their "Xray" (not just taking surface swabs), as well as taking soil samples. They very thorough, and shared with me where exactly they found lead (which was ONLY in our bath tub and on some enamel bricks). The report is amazingly thorough, and is certified so that it can be used with the life of the house, even after we sell it. Louis was prompt, returned calls quickly, confirmed via email, and the report was delivered on time. Highly recommended - worth the expense to save yourself time and hassle in the future.


Rebecca F. With two infants, we were concerned about lead levels in our 1927 Minneapolis home. After speaking with a few companies, we chose XRF Testing Services. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the lead testing and removal process and we scheduled an appt. for the following day. They spent several hours testing every painted surface in our home, and they stopped along the way to show us where they found lead-based paint and what the levels indicated. As dust wipe and soil sample results came in, they took the time to call us right away and explain what they found so that we could take immediate precautions. Within two weeks of the testing, they sent a detailed report that included a summary, all of the data, and detailed measures we could take to safely remove or encapsulate the lead. They will also be returning for more dust sampling after our lead abatement project is complete. We were incredibly impressed with the company's services. This was one of the best investments we have made with our home, and we strongly recommend this company.


Brandon S.Excellent work. Very professional. Very good service. Very thorough.


Michelle A.I want to thank you for the thorough report, and also for your high level of professionalism in conducting the lead test. I appreciated your explanation of the steps you take to conduct the test. I also appreciated your courtesy to me as the homeowner, which included calling to let me know you were running late, double-checking before entering certain rooms of the house, being willing to adapt the test around my son's nap time if needed, and calling to let me know where you were in the process of gathering the results of the test. We have had a lot of work done to our house and a lot of services provided in the last 5 years we've been homeowners, but your services were by far the most professional and courteous.



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